Green Building Law Blog's Best of Green 2008

Green Building Law Blog is going on vacation. During that vacation, I intend to finish a chapter on Green Building Law for a forthcoming book on the subject, finish a resource guide for the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, research including carbon offsets and recs in banking documentation, and drink some eggnog.  

So, while I am away, here is some wonderful reading to fill your off hours.  Without more fanfare,  Green Building Law Blog's Best of Green 2008

The Best of The Best

Has to be my green building law blogger buddies Chris Cheatham of Green Building Law Update and Steve DelPercio of Green Real Estate Law Journal and greenbuildingsnyc.  If you read our three sites, you will have a deep understanding of green building law issues. Besides, they're great people who love to share ideas.  I couldn't ask for better "competitors."

Best "Mainstream" Green Sites only do they publish me often, they are always on top of green building news.  Plus, Leslie Guevarra, my editor there, is a skilled wordsmith and veteran newswoman. 

Treeehugger--They get kudos for scouring the green world and pulling out the most interesting, cutting edge green ideas.  They are always promoting good, smaller sites with great ideas and giving them "page one" exposure.

NRDC Switchboard--Blog of the hitters from the Natural Resources Defense Council.  Depending on the day, any one of their mega-credentialed staff has something interesting and well-thought out to say, from carbon to polar bears to reimagining malls.

Earth2Tech--Never fails to have the latest in green tech, finance and regulatory issues.  Well written, precise and easy to read.  

Best Topical Green Sites

Green Finance--Has to be Scott Anderson at the Green Skeptic

Green Building/Energy Efficiency--Green Decoder has excellent energy efficiency tips and great pictures of his efficiency projects.

LEED--Real Life LEED has great posts about the LEED system (even though the author has failed to include me in posts about green building law--see, this list is unbiased!)

Green incentives--DSIRE website has a database which includes almost all the publicly available incentives for renewable energy and energy efficiency

Green Regulations--I like this list by the AIA of green building regulations.

Green Life--Recycle Your Day--This is a fun site plus excellent green giveaways.  I will win one in 2009!

Green Baby!--As many of my loyal readers know, I had a baby, Sylvie Abigail, in April. My mom gave me the book Raising Baby Green, and I have been an avid follow of Dr. Greene's eponymous blog since.

Beyond Categorization--Blogs worth reading that don't fit into the above categories, but deserve credit!

The Oil Drum--Musings on renewable energy and the state of oil

Construction Law Musings--Chris Hill covers construction law, social media, and occasionally, me, at his excellent site.  

 Green Building Theology--Sara Sweeney, architect and green theologian, has this new blog with thought provoking posts on the intersection between green building and faith.

Green Modern Kits--Green pre-fab house kits! Great voice, great designs, and a nice page of efficiency tips.

Green Building Law Twitter Buddies--Twitter is an amazing place to have a conversation with these thought leaders

@scottdodd--New media guru at the NRDC

@researching--Judith Meskill's twitter handle. She brought you the likes of Babycenter and Weblogs, now has a new environmental site in beta supereco

@sallan_found--Nancy Anderson of the Sallan Foundation, the feed and site has great info on greener cities

@greenofficepro--Green leasing expert

@theoildrum--Twitter feed for The Oil Drum

@AltEnergyNews--Just as it says, alternative energy news

@gman68--Philly green builder

@sarasweeney--Sara Sweeney's green building architecture and theology feed

@greenmodernkits--Green Modern Kits feed.

@chrischeatham; @stephendp--Chris Chetham and  Stephen DelPercio's green building law feeds

 @lamamanaturale--Feed for Recycle Your Day

@elaineishere--Green building specialist in California

@constructionlaw--Chris Hill's feeed

@wind4me--Tweets on wind energy and wind stocks

@brian_phelps--Architect and urban designer.  Always forwards interesting articles.

 @vikdug--Construction industry professional and social media zealot

Don't like my list? Did I miss someone?  Leave a comment or tweet me--I am @sharishapiro!

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Vik Duggal - December 22, 2008 12:49 AM

Thanks for saving the best for last (@vikdug)! Really appreciate the shout out. You have simply done a great job with this blog in 2008, love the new layout.

Also props for letting us know who on Twitter you like. Will be following them, if I'm not already!

Two thousand and nine will be the year for all of us! Keep up the great work.

Vik Duggal

Chris Hill - December 22, 2008 8:40 AM

Thanks for the great list! I appreciate your help in getting my fledgling blog up and running and of course truly appreciate the plug!

Thanks again Shari!

Lloyd Alter - December 22, 2008 5:54 PM

It is an honour to be included in your list. I found a few new sites to add to my reader, too. Thanks!

Leslie- La Mama Naturale' - December 29, 2008 7:32 PM

Hi Shari,

Great list you have and what an honor. :) Can't wait to start following some of the best of 2008! THANKS.

Orange County DUI Attorneys - January 27, 2009 4:33 AM


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Thank you

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