Part 4 of the Regulating Green Series--Do We Need Stricter Green Regulations?

Guest post contributed by Holly McCarthy, who blogs at Organic Coupons. She invites your feedback at hollymccarthy12 at gmail dot com

Although the economy has taken a turn for the worse in recent months, one thing is for sure: the world will continue to see construction and development in all corners for many years to come. As the population continues to grow, new areas will need to be developed and old ones will need to be renovated or razed to make room to build up. At any rate, stricter laws must be enacted in the United States if we hope for the world to follow suit.

The US has gone through many building booms and continues to grow and develop in areas of highly concentrated populations. As we continue to build bigger and better we must keep in mind that uses sustainable resources and materials is the right way to go.

Plenty of products are now being developed and produced that will not leave a heavy carbon footprint or fail to decompose once put in a landfill. Recycled materials are being used and considered for use in a variety of building applications and energy efficiency is a key factor in the design of new buildings.

Cities and states have long made sure that builders and contractors are doing their part to maximize space without making a significant impact on the surrounding areas. It only makes sense that we look at the world through the same lens. Why would we want to build something—even if it’s beautiful—if it’s going to make a huge mess for someone else to clean up?

It is time to call for action regarding the production of building materials and enact laws that will make sustainability something that is finally considered when the blueprints are being drawn, not when the building is being scrapped.

Rejuvenation of cities is also possible through green roof initiatives, where owners of buildings are offered incentives for helping to reduce temperature and carbon dioxide levels in major cities by encouraging the growth and cultivation of ecosystems atop the large and small buildings. A simple solution can definitely yield some positive results.

Green building standards will one day be the norm; they are quickly becoming something that tenants and investors are looking for as well. Now all we need are the laws that will make what we know is that right to do mandatory.

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