Market Stability--The Holy Grail of Green

Many months ago I wrote about the need for a floating gas tax to stabilize fuel prices, allow predictability and incentivize eco-friendly developments.  Now Ford chairman Bill Ford agrees.

Earth2tech reported:

“If prices are gyrating wildly,” he said, it becomes extremely difficult to know whether the company is planning the right vehicle or technology (if you’re operating under the assumption that automakers should supply what the market demands, and that there’s a lot less demand for fuel-sippers when gas is cheap). Ford noted that in the EU, diesel fuel “became an easy decision” for drivers after the government decided to make it much cheaper than gasoline.

When major environmental regulations were passed in the early 1970s, there was a lot of hand-wringing over how it was going to destroy the economy.  Now, with cap-and-trade, similar arguments are being made. Senator James Inhofe said yesterday, about EPA's declaration of greenhouse gases as harmful to human health:

This move by EPA will unleash a torrent of regulations that will destroy jobs, harm consumers, and extend the agency’s reach into every corner of American life.

But it turns out, in capitalism, the rules of the game don't matter, as long as they are predictable. So Obama should implement cap-and-trade, and those companies that can adapt and thrive in the new regulatory environment will survive.  And those that cannot, will not, but others will take their place.  I predict that with the attitude expressed by Bill Ford, Ford will survive...and the others should not.  

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