Podcast Conversation On Stimulus Package

This week, I posted an online conversation with James Bedell and Chris Hill about the stimulus package.

On Friday, we sat down and had a lively debate on KCast, a podcast brought to you by Konstructr, the social network for the building industry brought to you by one of the brightest lights in the online work, Vik Duggal.

You can access the podcast here.


Rountable On Shaw Development v. Southern Builders

I participated in a roundtable on Shaw Development v. Southern Builders this morning with some great green building professionals courtesy of Vik Duggal and Kcast.  You can listen to it here.

Konstructr Podcast With Shari Shapiro

I spoke with Vik Duggal of Konstructr.com about getting money for energy efficiency, green building litigation, carbon offsets and more. Available at http://kcast.konstructr.com/2009/01/episode-10-getting-money-for-energy-efficiency/