My New Pet Project--Web 2.0 For Green Building

I love social media.  I update my Facebook status regularly (Shari is working on a blog post) and I tweet often (I'm @sharishapiro for anyone who wants to read my tweets). 

But recently I have noticed the use of Web 2.0 for effective policy making tools.  For example, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that Google is using its Google Earth tool in conjunction with information from the Natural Resources Defense Council and other environmental groups to map where renewable energy projects should be sited to avoid environmental externalities, like invading endangered species habitats.   Everyone I know uses the DSIRE database for energy efficiency and renewable energy resources.  The Department of Energy has a number of interactive tools on energy efficiency and energy codes.  The NRDC recently created a neat tool which uses 3-D modelling to reenvision dead spaces as vibrant, multi-use places. 

We need a great set of Web 2.0 enabled tools to bring together the activities which are happening in the green building space, and to promote collaboration among the the great green practitioners nation and even worldwide.  My vision is to establish a web portal with green building regulations, green building case studies, best practices, wikis, and many other features.  I have a new mission, to create this policy resources powered by Web 2.0 and bring together the many people doing great work in this area.